Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Lauren

No problem  Lauren!

There are SO many clothes that would flatter your perfect figure, but here are just a few dresses, and a complete outfit. I didn't have much of a budget, as you said, and for colors, I tended to stick to bold, popping colors, like the primaries.

Red Dresses - Coach Tour Dress in RougeThis frock's shape would showcase your slim frame, and it's beautiful color would compliment your hair and eyes so well. Scarlet adds a dash of beauty to every outfit, and this dress is exactly that pop of color that's needed. The vintage cut of this dress is just great, and would look great on you!

This dress is $47.99 regular price at ModCloth.

(Sorry about the giant picture!) Let me just say that the print of this dress is just awesome! The high, collared neckline adds a touch of retro class, and the belt will emphasize your small waist. It appears short on the model, but it's 32 inches long, and you are about 6 inches shorter than her, so it would be an appropriate length. The colors of this dress are to die for!

This is $22.90 regular price at Forever21.

Last dress(es!)

Soda Fountain Dress in CherrySoda Fountain Dress in PapayaSoda Fountain Dress in GrapeSoda Fountain Dress in GingerSoda Fountain Dress in ColaThis dress is absolutely one of my personal favorite dresses. It suits nearly every body type, and it is available in SO many colors (I picked all of the ones I thought would flatter you)! Every color has extremely positive reviews, and the simple style to this dress is great.

These dresses are $44.99 each at ModCloth.

And now, the complete outfit!

Tops - Time to Prioritize TeePolitical Science Major BlazerCore Dark Wash Bootcut Jean - AĆ©ropostale®Shoes - Weavie Wonder Flat

This outfit would be a chic choice on a casual, cool fall day. The jacket, priced at $97.99 on sale on ModCloth, is a great color, and would bring out the lighter tones in your hair and eyes. The jeans, priced at $26.00 on sale at Aero, have a straight, flattering leg that will make your already great legs appear slim, and graceful. The shoes ($27.99 regular price at ModCloth,) are a beautiful combination of all the colors in this outfit, plus a couple more for a great statement-making piece that would look oh-so-good everything! The shirt, (27.99 regular price) has a 5-star, top-rated overall review, and is made entirely from cotton. It's a comfortable, and cute top! The little graphic on it so cute! THE BELT COMES IN BROWN! It is in a color that is nearly the exact shade of the jacket, and is just $5.80 at Forever The necklace, which plainly states "Friendly" in cursive, is a small, cute little piece that would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. The earrings are $3.80 at Forever21. Don't let the picture fool you, these earrings are tiny, being only 3 centimeters in height.

Overall, this stylish outfit would compliment you in all the right places, and any of the pieces would be a great new piece for your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide all the length, but the total price for the outfit is...drumroll please...$190.57!

Yikes. This is probably THE most expensive outfit I have featured on here, but for the quality of everything, I  believe it is worth the price!

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the summer!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

For Abby

Abby did not write in, but this post is dedicated to her.

I remember a few years back, I designed a dress for Abby. I merely sketched, and colored it, nothing more than that, and I FOUND IT! I was surfing ModCloth's new arrivals, and stumbled upon this dress.
New Arrivals - More Than Vine DressThis dress is exactly the color, and almost the same cut as the one I drew. The one I designed had sparkles all over the bodice in the same color of the dress, and the skirt was tiered. This dress has a "vine" silver sequin pattern, and straight skirt. It's still just as beautiful!

This dress is $87.99 regular price at ModCloth, as previously mentioned.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On My Modcloth Wishlist: Formal and Semi-Formal Dresses

As the readers of this blog know, I ADORE ModCloth, and there are a lot of items I desperately wished I owned from there, and I decided to make a compilation of the more formal dresses on my list.

Playing With Sapphire DressThis dress. I LOVE IT! The cut, color, vintage feel, it's just awesome! It's beautiful, and received many positive reviews! The over all image of it is stunning, and would be a great formal or semi-formal piece! Just GORGEOUS!

This dress is $49.99 regular price.

Sipping Champagne DressThis  beauty also has a simply stunning color! It wouldn't look too great on me, but I can envision a lot of my friends wearing this garment. The cut of the entire piece is great, but the skirt is just gorgeous! I LOVE it!

The Night’s Scrim DressI adore the skirt of this dress! The perfect cut and fabric make it so much more appeasing! The lace on the side looks so great, but the sash is a liiiitle cheap looking, according to the reviews. The bodice is beautiful, and the entire piece is just amazing!

This dress is $227.99 regular price.

Ta da! I hope you liked my picks! Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Emma


Here are some dresses, shoes, earrings, and a total outfit I thought would suit you! I didn't have much of a color rule, but I mainly stuck with blues, reds, pinks, and oranges, mixed in with the occasional metallic. You said you wanted low budget, so I tried my best, but it's hard to find truly stylish items for such a low price.

This dress would look great on you, I assure you! I found this online, and thought this color would bring out your eyes, and it's just so lovely! Apparently the color is a bit richer is person, but it is still a lovely shade of blue.

This dress is $ 22.80 at Forever21.

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely in love with this color. It's a rich, royal blue dress with a simple cut, and minimal detail, perfect for warm summer evenings. It could be dressed up, and down, but it's best for casual occasions. This dress has received reviews only for the other color, but the dress itself seems to be very comfortable, and modest length, so it's perfect for school!

This dress is $14.80 regular price at Forever21.


Xhilaration® Juniors Bra Cup Challis Dress - Assorted Prints.Opens in a new windowThis dress is casual and cute on it's own, but with a grey cardi, some vintage heels, it would be oh-so-chic! This print is simply adorable, and it comes in more if you don't favor this one, but personally, I find it so cute, and the dark peachy-pink would look stunning on you! It comes with built in cups to fit any size. Always check Target, my friend!

This dress is $21.99 on sale at Target.


And now, onto shoes!

Since I know you're a One Direction fan, I thought these Louis-esque shoes are just as ironic, but cute as they are to me! In fact, I may just have to get a pair myself! The nautical stripes are a chic detail, and the lining of these shoes are made of cotton, so they're nice and soft on your tootsies!

These shoes are $16.80 regular price at Forever21.


These polka-dot flats are just so cute! I love the polite, sweet image they project, and the chic touch they will add to any outfit! They look at bit funny in the picture, but they are more of a rich red, and with white polka-dots, making them appear orange in the faraway photo. These shoes are also made of cotton, and super comfy!

These shoes are $16.80 regular price at Forever21.


Womens Montego Bay ClubWomen's Riviera Buckle SandalI love these stylish sandals! The coral color and gold buckle go together very well, and the whole design is great. The tiny heel will also add a little boost of height. These sandals are very low maintenance, and a great addition to any closet.

These shoes are $14.99 on sale at Payless.


I love these baby blue straps on these sandals. The soft color of them is just so chic, and pretty! The soft blue would look brilliant on you!

These shoes are $10.80 at Forever21.


And now, onto earrings!

Sorry about the big picture, but this is the only one I could get. Also, I want you to notice the floral detail inside of the rhinestone casing. It's very delicate, and sweet, and it gives off a beautiful image. The detailing is absolutely wonderful, and a sweet touch to any outfit.

These earrings are only $3.80 regular price at Forever21.


These earrings are just stunning! I love the delicate artistry of these teardrops, and the beautiful gold beading. The vanilla coloring of the framing are lovely. These earrings would suit you so well, and compliment your fair skin beautifully.

These earrings are $5.80 regular price at Forever21.


These crazy earrings are just awesome! I love the leopard print, and the complimentary coloring just adds to the style. These unique earrings are a great statement piece, and would compliment your dark hair so well!

These earrings are just $2.80 at Forever21.


As my last pair of earrings, I am proud to present these "flattened leaf" earring. The simple grace of these earrings is perfect, and the pale gold would compliment all of your features. These earrings have a plain beauty to them that would look exquisite on you.

And now, for the outfit!

Xhilaration® Juniors Sleeveless Romper - Navy DotCroft and Barrow Striped CardiganWomen's Mossimo Supply Co. Flat Assorted Colors
(The earrings are actually slightly textured, but it's hard to see in the photo.)

I'm a big fan of clashing footwear, so I chose a glossy red flat.

 Normally, I don't condone rompers, but I gotta say, this one's an exception, and would look great on your petite frame! I love mix-matching prints, and the tan stripes of the cardigan would would look great together. For the belt, you should wear that mid-waist, where the romper's waist should fall, since you are petite. The necklace and earrings would be great minimal, yet statement accessories, and compliment the colors of the outfit too. Overall, it's a great casual outfit to wear in the spring, and perhaps in the fall with some dark tights.  I can't provide all the links to the items, but I can say that the earrings are $3.80, the necklace $2.80, and the belt is $5.80, all at Forever21. The romper is from Target, and is $21.99, along with the shoes, which are $14.99. The cardigan is from Kohls, on sale for $19.99. In total, not including tax, is $54.30, comparing to others' $200.

Ta da! I hope you liked it! Sorry that my descriptions were a little vague and repetitive at the end, I'm writing this while sick, and my head isn't completely clear :P. Anyway, let me know if you want another custom blog any time, and sorry for the delay with this one! Technical issues, my recitals, etc., etc. I promise I'll be better with this in the future!

Have a beautiful day,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Abby


I was looking about Forever21, and American Eagle to find something that I thought would suit you, and stumbled upon these choices! I thought the colors light/dark blue, orange, and coral would compliment your blue eyes, and fair skin.

This dress is absolutely adorable, and fall perfectly on your petite frame! The slightly empire waist would emphasize your small figure, and the skirt would add a dash of chic to this beautiful frock ready for a warm summer or spring day spent with friends. This dress would look so cute with some golden layered necklaces, and few bracelets, and some cute (in your case, clip-on) earrings to match! This dress is $24.80 regular price at Forever21, if you like it!


This beauty is also from Forever21. I thought the halter straps and belted waste would flaunt your slim figure, and the burnt tone to it would set off your blue eyes. This dress is also available in navy, as pictured below.
The navy shade would also look great on you!

These dresses are available for $24.99 each from Forever21, as previously mentioned.


Since I know you only have 1 skirt, (crime against nature :P) I thought this blue one would make a great addition to your closet!
This full circle skirt would compliment your eyes, and showcase your athletic legs. The rich color of this skirt is gorgeous!

This skirt is $16.90 regular price at Forever21.


As my final piece, I present you with these cute shorts from American Eagle.
They are available in more colors, but I thought these would look so cute on you! The light pink would make your eyes stand out, and your hair richer. The color is just so chic, and they're midi shorts, so their modest cut would be perfect for school!

These shorts are $34.99 on sale at American Eagle, as I mentioned.


In total, I hope you liked the clothes, and take my advice on colors! If you want another custom post in the future, let me know, and I'll do another selection for ya!

Have a beautiful dat!


ELF Brightening Eye Color Eye Shadow Pallets

I bought these for my Halloween make-up, although depending on the color in the pallet, it can be worn casually.

I bought the pallet in Punk Funk and Rocker because I found the colors perfect for my costume. (I was the Mad Hatter)

Ocean DreamsOcean Dreams

For my costume, I did "cotton candy eyes," (I'll showcase that technique eventually,) so mainly I used the first one, Punk Funk. The second one I used my sister, who was a doll-Alice, and wanted to look sweet and innocent. Overall, I found these to be extremely satisfying and it worked very well, especially for the price.

I got these two pallets for $1 each regular price at Target! ALWAYS TRY TARGET, MY FRIENDS!

Have a beautiful day!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

AE Printed Shorties Review

On a recent trip to the mall, I stopped by American Eagle, and purchased these super cute shorts in both patterns available; black and white, and pink and orange.

AE Printed ShortieAE Printed Shortie

I am extremely satisfied with the earlier, and moderately so with the latter; for some reason, the pink and orange's waist band is a bit tighter. I am still in love with the print, and the chic design!

With the black and white, I usually wear a light pink shirt and grey-pink-gold converse, or for a more dressy occasion, I will wear an orange blazer, and black strappy flats. I haven't yet worn the pink and orange, as I am in the middle of a wardrobe-clean-out-session, and cannot find anything that fits, and compliments the bright color scheme perfectly.

Overall, this is a great purchase, and I would highly recommend it! They're very plush, and eye-catching! Great for a casual day outing with friends, or even a party!

You can find these on-sale in store or online for $29.99 each

Link: (Black + White)

Second Link:  (Pink + Orange)

Have a beautiful day!


Note: Sorry this is such a short review! I'll make longer ones in the future, promise!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sittin' Pretty Ensemble

Hiya! So, I was browsing on ModCloth, as pertains to usual, and came across this cutie! I thought the chair print was so original, unique, and just so adorable!

image of Sittin’ Pretty Dress

This dress is a little pricy for the weak-walleted, such as myself.

It is $79.99 regular price from ModCloth

I thought this would just be such a cool item to have!

Make-up to go along with the look:

I would recommend to go with a darker brown shadow, a swipe of dark pink gloss, and your basics: mascara, and some concealer, if desired. If you're really dressing it up, you could go for some bronzer or blush, but I'd keep clean, if I were you.


image of Icicle Elegance Necklace 

This necklace is another ModCloth design. It's called "Icicle Elegance Necklace." It is a little bit of a short chain, however, so I would recommend adding a bit more for desired length, and removing a few crystals, since there are quite a few, and they're quite large. Earrings, I would just go with your basic silver-gems/rhinestone studs, or something very minimalistic, like the colorblock cubes below.
Earrings link:

The necklace $14.99 on sale from ModCloth, and the earrings are $4.80 from Forever21. (The earrings are clip-on.)


I'd say just wear your basic black flats, nothing TOO showy, because after all, our main focus is the dress and necklace. These just happen to be glossy, however, a suede shoe would also be very cute.

These are $16.80 regular price from Forever21.

However, if you want to dress it up, I'd say some basic black heels, like the ones below.

These are metallic trimmed pumps from Forever21. I would recommend platform shoes for that extra oomph.


These are $29.80 regular price from Forever21, as I mentioned.

Always remember to read the reviews before making a purchase, to find out if what you are buying is tailored to your shape, or liking! :)

Total Price Option 1 (w/first pair of shoes): $116.58
Total Price Option 2 (w/second pair of shoes): $129.58

My totals do not include shipping, or tax!

Total Price Range: Medium-High 

For those with a small budget for clothes, this is quite a dent in the wallet, but it's worth it :)

Have a beautiful day, and don't forget to write in to give me some suggestions/asking for advice!

<3, Hazel

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Post! Yay!

First blog post! YAY! Anyway, my blog will consist of the following:
Make-up Art/ Tutorials
Hairstyles/ Hair Tutorials
Nail Art/ Polish
And advice on any of the following! Please, shoot me an e-mail asking for anything, ex. an outfit that would suit you, and I will do a custom post, just for you!

Random info about my blog:
For clothes, I mostly will feature stuff from ModCloth, Forever21, Aeropostale,  and American Eagle. It will either be from my own wardrobe, or from online.

For make-up, I usually create the looks I feature myself, but I will put where I got the inspiration/actual look from if it's different. Most of my make-up is from Amuse, a store at the Danbury Fair Mall, A few Revlon and Maybelline products, there may be a few NYC (New York Color) products, and ELF (Eyes Lips Face) products as well. I will put the brand on the post.

For Nail Art, I usually take inspiration from people on YouTube, or random looks I created. I will say where I got the look from, if applicable. A lot of my nail polish is from Sally Hanson, NYC, a few Claire's, and some brands I'm actually not aware of the name. I will put the brand, and where I got it from on the post.

For Hairstyles, my sister is the expert with  those, and she usually gets them from tutorials on YouTube, or occasionally we will collaborate to make one, or she alone will create it.

For things that require purchase, I may be able to put the price up, but I'm not entirely sure if I will remember/be able to retrieve it. I will do my best!

So, I can't wait to begin posting! I'll update soon! Happy reading! :)