Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sittin' Pretty Ensemble

Hiya! So, I was browsing on ModCloth, as pertains to usual, and came across this cutie! I thought the chair print was so original, unique, and just so adorable!

image of Sittin’ Pretty Dress

This dress is a little pricy for the weak-walleted, such as myself.

It is $79.99 regular price from ModCloth

I thought this would just be such a cool item to have!

Make-up to go along with the look:

I would recommend to go with a darker brown shadow, a swipe of dark pink gloss, and your basics: mascara, and some concealer, if desired. If you're really dressing it up, you could go for some bronzer or blush, but I'd keep clean, if I were you.


image of Icicle Elegance Necklace 

This necklace is another ModCloth design. It's called "Icicle Elegance Necklace." It is a little bit of a short chain, however, so I would recommend adding a bit more for desired length, and removing a few crystals, since there are quite a few, and they're quite large. Earrings, I would just go with your basic silver-gems/rhinestone studs, or something very minimalistic, like the colorblock cubes below.
Earrings link:

The necklace $14.99 on sale from ModCloth, and the earrings are $4.80 from Forever21. (The earrings are clip-on.)


I'd say just wear your basic black flats, nothing TOO showy, because after all, our main focus is the dress and necklace. These just happen to be glossy, however, a suede shoe would also be very cute.

These are $16.80 regular price from Forever21.

However, if you want to dress it up, I'd say some basic black heels, like the ones below.

These are metallic trimmed pumps from Forever21. I would recommend platform shoes for that extra oomph.


These are $29.80 regular price from Forever21, as I mentioned.

Always remember to read the reviews before making a purchase, to find out if what you are buying is tailored to your shape, or liking! :)

Total Price Option 1 (w/first pair of shoes): $116.58
Total Price Option 2 (w/second pair of shoes): $129.58

My totals do not include shipping, or tax!

Total Price Range: Medium-High 

For those with a small budget for clothes, this is quite a dent in the wallet, but it's worth it :)

Have a beautiful day, and don't forget to write in to give me some suggestions/asking for advice!

<3, Hazel

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