Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Post! Yay!

First blog post! YAY! Anyway, my blog will consist of the following:
Make-up Art/ Tutorials
Hairstyles/ Hair Tutorials
Nail Art/ Polish
And advice on any of the following! Please, shoot me an e-mail asking for anything, ex. an outfit that would suit you, and I will do a custom post, just for you!

Random info about my blog:
For clothes, I mostly will feature stuff from ModCloth, Forever21, Aeropostale,  and American Eagle. It will either be from my own wardrobe, or from online.

For make-up, I usually create the looks I feature myself, but I will put where I got the inspiration/actual look from if it's different. Most of my make-up is from Amuse, a store at the Danbury Fair Mall, A few Revlon and Maybelline products, there may be a few NYC (New York Color) products, and ELF (Eyes Lips Face) products as well. I will put the brand on the post.

For Nail Art, I usually take inspiration from people on YouTube, or random looks I created. I will say where I got the look from, if applicable. A lot of my nail polish is from Sally Hanson, NYC, a few Claire's, and some brands I'm actually not aware of the name. I will put the brand, and where I got it from on the post.

For Hairstyles, my sister is the expert with  those, and she usually gets them from tutorials on YouTube, or occasionally we will collaborate to make one, or she alone will create it.

For things that require purchase, I may be able to put the price up, but I'm not entirely sure if I will remember/be able to retrieve it. I will do my best!

So, I can't wait to begin posting! I'll update soon! Happy reading! :)

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