Sunday, May 20, 2012

AE Printed Shorties Review

On a recent trip to the mall, I stopped by American Eagle, and purchased these super cute shorts in both patterns available; black and white, and pink and orange.

AE Printed ShortieAE Printed Shortie

I am extremely satisfied with the earlier, and moderately so with the latter; for some reason, the pink and orange's waist band is a bit tighter. I am still in love with the print, and the chic design!

With the black and white, I usually wear a light pink shirt and grey-pink-gold converse, or for a more dressy occasion, I will wear an orange blazer, and black strappy flats. I haven't yet worn the pink and orange, as I am in the middle of a wardrobe-clean-out-session, and cannot find anything that fits, and compliments the bright color scheme perfectly.

Overall, this is a great purchase, and I would highly recommend it! They're very plush, and eye-catching! Great for a casual day outing with friends, or even a party!

You can find these on-sale in store or online for $29.99 each

Link: (Black + White)

Second Link:  (Pink + Orange)

Have a beautiful day!


Note: Sorry this is such a short review! I'll make longer ones in the future, promise!

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