Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ELF Brightening Eye Color Eye Shadow Pallets

I bought these for my Halloween make-up, although depending on the color in the pallet, it can be worn casually.

I bought the pallet in Punk Funk and Rocker because I found the colors perfect for my costume. (I was the Mad Hatter)

Ocean DreamsOcean Dreams

For my costume, I did "cotton candy eyes," (I'll showcase that technique eventually,) so mainly I used the first one, Punk Funk. The second one I used my sister, who was a doll-Alice, and wanted to look sweet and innocent. Overall, I found these to be extremely satisfying and it worked very well, especially for the price.

I got these two pallets for $1 each regular price at Target! ALWAYS TRY TARGET, MY FRIENDS!

Have a beautiful day!


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