Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Lauren

No problem  Lauren!

There are SO many clothes that would flatter your perfect figure, but here are just a few dresses, and a complete outfit. I didn't have much of a budget, as you said, and for colors, I tended to stick to bold, popping colors, like the primaries.

Red Dresses - Coach Tour Dress in RougeThis frock's shape would showcase your slim frame, and it's beautiful color would compliment your hair and eyes so well. Scarlet adds a dash of beauty to every outfit, and this dress is exactly that pop of color that's needed. The vintage cut of this dress is just great, and would look great on you!

This dress is $47.99 regular price at ModCloth.

(Sorry about the giant picture!) Let me just say that the print of this dress is just awesome! The high, collared neckline adds a touch of retro class, and the belt will emphasize your small waist. It appears short on the model, but it's 32 inches long, and you are about 6 inches shorter than her, so it would be an appropriate length. The colors of this dress are to die for!

This is $22.90 regular price at Forever21.

Last dress(es!)

Soda Fountain Dress in CherrySoda Fountain Dress in PapayaSoda Fountain Dress in GrapeSoda Fountain Dress in GingerSoda Fountain Dress in ColaThis dress is absolutely one of my personal favorite dresses. It suits nearly every body type, and it is available in SO many colors (I picked all of the ones I thought would flatter you)! Every color has extremely positive reviews, and the simple style to this dress is great.

These dresses are $44.99 each at ModCloth.

And now, the complete outfit!

Tops - Time to Prioritize TeePolitical Science Major BlazerCore Dark Wash Bootcut Jean - A√©ropostale®Shoes - Weavie Wonder Flat

This outfit would be a chic choice on a casual, cool fall day. The jacket, priced at $97.99 on sale on ModCloth, is a great color, and would bring out the lighter tones in your hair and eyes. The jeans, priced at $26.00 on sale at Aero, have a straight, flattering leg that will make your already great legs appear slim, and graceful. The shoes ($27.99 regular price at ModCloth,) are a beautiful combination of all the colors in this outfit, plus a couple more for a great statement-making piece that would look oh-so-good everything! The shirt, (27.99 regular price) has a 5-star, top-rated overall review, and is made entirely from cotton. It's a comfortable, and cute top! The little graphic on it so cute! THE BELT COMES IN BROWN! It is in a color that is nearly the exact shade of the jacket, and is just $5.80 at Forever The necklace, which plainly states "Friendly" in cursive, is a small, cute little piece that would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. The earrings are $3.80 at Forever21. Don't let the picture fool you, these earrings are tiny, being only 3 centimeters in height.

Overall, this stylish outfit would compliment you in all the right places, and any of the pieces would be a great new piece for your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide all the length, but the total price for the outfit is...drumroll please...$190.57!

Yikes. This is probably THE most expensive outfit I have featured on here, but for the quality of everything, I  believe it is worth the price!

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the summer!


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